“BETTER HAVE AN ARMY”:Gov. Cuomo Suggests President Trump “Better Have An Army” After Releasing Memo Criticizing NYC


By Flavia K. Tucker, The Ultimate Patriot

President Trump released a memo to federal agencies asking them to research ways to defund cities that have “deteriorate[d] into lawless zones.” Among the cities explicitly referenced was New York City.

Citing legal restrictions, Governor Cuomo dismissed President Trump's efforts to decrease the city's funding. 

He also stated that President Trump “better have an army” if he returns to New York City. The governor also claimed that President Trump “has been actively trying to kill New York City ever since he’s been elected.”

Governor Cuomo’s senior advisor later walked back The governor‘s suggestion that President Trump would need protection against physical violence if he were to visit NYC, stating that the statements were not intended to be taken literally.

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