Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal shows a disengaged, befuddled president


Shortly after President Biden on Friday claimed that Americans had safe passage to the Kabul airport, and the Taliban weren’t harassing anyone, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told members of Congress that some Americans trying to escape had been beaten by the Taliban. The next day, the US Embassy in Kabul said it wasn’t safe to go to the airport.

Which leaves two possibilities:

  • Biden lied.
  • Biden doesn’t know.

It’s likely the latter. It’s not that Biden doesn’t lie, it’s that all of his statements and actions of the past week show a disengaged, befuddled president who doesn’t care about Americans and their allies in Afghanistan. He has waved away all criticism, pretended everything is fine, flew off to Camp David. Yahoo News says a “war room” convenes every day at the White House — to discuss the infrastructure bill. Biden isn’t running the government. And those who are only care about spending trillions upon trillions of dollars.

It’s hard to capture in words just how shameful this all is. Why is the military not creating a safe corridor for Americans? Why are we surrendering to the Taliban? No, not just surrendering — capitulating, arming them even. By attacking Americans they are violating whatever agreement Biden says he has. The embassy says that threats from ISIS makes going to the airport unsafe — why is the Taliban giving them haven? There should be a massive mobilization to ensure a safe exit.

Biden and his media allies are trying to make this about the “forever war,” but this has nothing to do with whether or not we should pull out of Afghanistan. It’s that Biden had no plan to get people out. It was a debacle from the start, and who knows how it ends?

Certainly our president doesn’t know — and that’s terrifying.

Taliban fighters display their flag on patrol in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Aug. 19.
Rahmat Gul/AP

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