Body of missing teen mom found in freezer


The mutilated body of a missing teen mom in Venezuela was found inside her freezer.

Ana Gabriela Medina Blanco, 19, was stabbed up to 50 times with a screwdriver, and left in the freezer in the fetal position with her hands tied and her head between her legs, according to The Sun.

Police were trying to track down Blanco’s boyfriend after the reported father of her 4-year-old son made the gruesome discovery, according to the outlet.

According to authorities, Blanco’s disappearance did not immediately raise concern as she was known to visit family frequently.

Neighbors described the suspect, identified only as Josue, as “very jealous and abusive,” the paper said.

Blanco’s disappearance did not immediately raise suspicion because she would often travel from her home state of Aragua to Caracas for long periods of time without keeping in touch with family members, the article said.

Her former partner had been looking for clues about the teen’s whereabouts when he reportedly went to her home and smelled the putrid scent of death coming from the kitchen.

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