Cops seek MTA motorman who let gal pal operate D train in NYC


An MTA motorman allegedly let his gal pal operate a D train through multiple stops in Brooklyn on Friday — and now their tunnel-of-love trip may land them in handcuffs.

Cops are looking to question the wannabe-motorwoman Dominique Belgrave after she posted an Instagram story showing her and her beau — identified by police as Terrell Harris — holding hands over the train’s controls on their romantic jaunt through the 50th Street, 55th Street and 62nd Street stations.

“Yes, this is me operating the train right now,” Belgrave says in one of multiple videos posted to her account, which has since been made private.

At one point as they head toward Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue, Harris explains that the marker indicating where operators must stop trains is hard to see from the cab, and Belgrave echoes the complaint.

“Y’all ain’t put the stickers in a visible place!” she exclaims.

Dominique Belgrave was seen driving the subway train.

Other clips on Belgrave’s page showed her alone at the controls as the train zipped through underground stations and she and Harris posing in the cab for a selfie.

A third clip showed her entering the public section of the car saying “Back inside I go.”

Belgrave’s caption reads: “Conducting The D u hurdddd.”

A D subway train seen riding the rails in Brooklyn.
A D train is seen riding on the rails in Brooklyn.
AP Photo/David Boe

The pair’s antics went viral among MTA workers over the weekend, and eventually caught the eye of a supervisor — who reported them to the NYPD, police said.

Interim Transit President Craig Cipriano said Harris will be disciplined. The 32-year-old, fifth-year MTA employee earned $117,486 in 2020, according to SeeThroughNY.

“This video is beyond egregious showing a train operator who betrayed the trust of New Yorkers while creating a dangerous condition,” Cipriano said in a statement.

A view outside the subway train that Dominique Belgrave was driving.
A view outside the subway train that Dominique Belgrave was driving.

“I want to assure customers that the operator involved has been removed from service and will no longer be allowed to control a train.”

But Belgrave, 28, bragged about the illegal breach of the operator’s cab on Facebook — and suggested she might be angling for a Transit Authority gig herself.

“All you MTA f–kers tryna add me on my Facebook and IG eat a big fat Turtle neck cheesy D–k how bout that,” she wrote.

Dominique Belgrave driving the train.
Other MTA workers reported the incident to the NYPD.

“I’ll might start at the bottom but ima move my way up they gon see me in traffic.”

She did not immediately return a request for comment.

It’s not clear whether Harris or Belgrave will face criminal charges.

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