De Blasio may require all NYC school staffers to be vaccinated against COVID


A crackdown on unvaccinated school teachers and staffers could be imminent, Mayor de Blasio said Friday.

Asked about the possibility of requiring them to get vaccinated, de Blasio said on during appearance on WNYC that stricter mandates are being considered.

“We’re actively looking right now at different actions we can take in terms of the schools,” he said.

Currently, teachers have the option of regular COVID-19 testing instead of vaccination.

The Department of Education has said that 60 percent of teachers have gotten the jab and that others have likely sought it privately or outside of the city.

De Blasio asserted that momentum has been building lately for mandatory school vaccinations.

Department of Education officials stated that 60 percent of teachers have received the vaccine.
Paul Martinka

“There’s a lot of energy out there for a larger mandate,” he said. “That is something we are considering quickly.”

The city teachers union has encouraged members to get vaccinated but has stopped short of calling for mandates.

The issue has divided staffers in the nation’s largest school system, with some blocs staunchly opposed to mandatory shots.

Other factions have demanded a mandate and have threatened to walk out if unvaccinated staffers are admitted into school buildings.

Mayor Bill De Blasio speaks with students at an elementary school.
The city teachers union has encouraged members to get vaccinated but has stopped short of calling for mandates.

Washington became the first state to require vaccines for school employees this week, and said those who don’t do so before the academic year risk termination in October.

“We’re looking at additional options right now,” de Blasio said.

The DOE also said this week that it will seek to “maximize” 3-foot social distancing in schools rather than make it mandatory in all buildings.

The city principals union sent out a message to members last week suggesting that the DOE was requiring social distancing across the board.

A student writes down and draws positive affirmations on poster board at P.S. 5 Port Morris, a Bronx elementary school.
Washington state was the first state to mandate that all city teachers receive the vaccine or risk losing their job.

Doing so, the group said, would make full-time classes impossible in many overcrowded buildings.

But the DOE told the Post that it was working with administrators to apply the practice when feasible.

“The health and safety of our students, teachers and staff comes first during the pandemic,” said DOE spokesperson Katie O’Hanlon. “We’re working hand in hand with principals to maximize social distancing and ensure the absolute safest learning environments for our kids.”

She said schools were using all available space — including cafeterias, gyms, and outdoor areas — to make social distancing work.

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