Deportations fall under Biden and other commentary


Immigration beat: Deportations Fall Under Biden

US immigration judges have ordered only about 25,000 deportations this year, vs. 152,000 at this point last year (an 84 percent drop), reports Stephen Dinan at The Washington Times. They’re deciding fewer cases and ordering removals at less than half the rate. “They’re dismissing these cases out of hand,” a department source says. Ex-immigration judge Andrew Arthur notes that Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s “principal legal adviser” urged the agency’s attorneys “to use prosecutorial discretion to curtail deportations.” Even before that, the Biden Department of Homeland Security signaled its intention for “immigration non-enforcement,” and “hundreds if not thousands of aliens (and more precisely, their lawyers) likely approached ICE after the inauguration to request prosecutorial discretion — even though those aliens were removable and not legally able to remain.”

From the right: Joe’s Unfit for the Presidency

“Joe Biden has badly, visibly bungled America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan,” Dan McLaughlin declares at National Review. “What is slowly dawning on people is that Biden’s critics were right about him all along.” For all his decades in high office, he “was widely understood to be a lightweight, a fabulist, a plagiarist, an exaggerating braggart, a walking gaffe machine, a purveyor of malarkey.” His 2020 run brought critiques as he hid “in his basement for months” and avoided “unscripted questions.” Cue the Afghan disaster: “Everyone who said for decades that Biden was a lightweight ill-equipped to handle a major crisis has been vindicated.”

Analyst: A Clear Pro-GOP Voting Trend

State and federal special elections this year show a clear trend toward Republicans, Harry Enten writes at CNN. The latest sign: a GOP pickup of a Connecticut state Senate seat “in a district that President Joe Biden won by more than 20 points in 2020.” The average swing of 3-4 percentage points “would likely be enough for Republicans to take back the US House of Representatives.” And “Republicans have been outperforming the 2020 baseline by double-digits since the beginning of July.” Add in other indicators such as Biden’s sinking approval ratings, and it’s “a clear story of Republicans picking up ground.”

Liberal: No Science Behind School Masking

A key finding in May’s CDC report on COVID and school safety got left out of the summary and thus most news accounts, David Zweig explains at New York magazine: Safety measures such as “distancing, hybrid models . . . and, most notably, requiring student masking . . . could not be said to be effective.” Indeed, “the UK, Ireland, all of Scandinavia, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy” all “exempted kids, with varying age cutoffs, from wearing masks in classrooms,” and “there’s no evidence of more outbreaks in schools in those countries relative to schools in the US.” And so far “the highly transmissible Delta variant has not led them to change this calculus.” More: “One of the costs of an intervention that lacks clear benefit . . . is distraction from the tools that we know protect people — in the case of schools, vaccination and ventilation.”

Libertarian: Punishing the Vaxxed

Vaccine mandates will make your next trip more trying — “that is, if you decide to take it,” snarks Reason’s Matt Welch. “Complying with the layers of COVID-19 restrictions on travel and human interaction is exhausting even for the vaccinated,” adding “time, cost and anxiety.” The vaxxed also must show a negative test within 72 hours of a flight to the United States — and with France pushing citizens to get jabbed, a test there is a costly 49 euros ($57). Bureaucracy delayed Welch’s Pass Sanitaire, so he spent less time “poking my nose into places that might card me.” As restrictions keep escalating, “At some point the unhappy conclusion begins to coalesce. Government nudgers don’t just want to punish politically icky refuseniks, they’d be happy if I stayed home from the bar or airport terminal, too. And they will continue calling the shots, if we continue letting them.”

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