DoorDash driver admits tip stunt was ‘fake’ after going viral


A DoorDash deliveryman who went viral last week for leaving a passive aggressive note for a “habitual non-tipper” now says the stunt “never happened.”

Doordash delivery driver and TikTok user “frenchfrythug” admitted his letter to a non-tipping customer in a video was fake.

“Amy is real, she’s a real habitual non-tripper, but I did not leave the note at Amy’s thing,” TikTok user @frenchfrythug posted on Saturday — four days after he shared a now-unavailable video claiming to have left the note along with the female customer’s order.

“If you can’t afford to tip then you should go pick it up yourself,” the note said, according to Insider. “Who do you think you are to order food and have someone come and bring it to your door for FREE? FOR FREE?”

“I just drove my personal car to your house to deliver your food for fun? Naw not today… you can right your wrongs below,” it continued, along with the deliveryman’s Venmo account, “@iforgottotip.”

A subsequent video showed @frenchfrythug supposedly distributing the money he said he received from strangers on Venmo to fellow underpaid DoorDashers.

The initial clip ignited a fury of debate over tipping, with commenters insisting they shouldn’t have to pay an additional tip on top of the fees DoorDash already charges.

The deliveryman holding up the fake letter that he originally claimed was for a customer named Amy.
The deliveryman holding up the fake letter that he originally claimed was for a customer named Amy.

“So if a person has no car and is hungry they suppose [sic[ to starve because they can’t give a tip,” one TikToker posted in the replies to one of @frenchfrythug’s videos.

“Why do you think you are owed anything[?]” another asked. “When you took your job you understood it but nobody owes you anything and the fact that you expect it is even worse.”

“I tip because I want to,” another said, “not because I have to.”

@Frenchfrythug said he was “moving on” in his video revealing the truth about the note.

“I am a troll. I was joking, the internet took it very seriously and that’s okay,” he said. “If you are angry, maybe ask yourself, ‘Why did this video make me so angry?’ — because at the end of the day, it ain’t real.”

He told Insider he usually declines orders that don’t tip, but opted to deliver this one to teach a “lesson for everyone.”

“I didn’t realize these many people support not tipping drivers,” he told the site.

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