Hochul pledges to address Supreme Court’s decision against eviction moratorium


New York’s Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul made her first flex as “NY’s next Governor” on Thursday night, taking to Twitter in response to the Supreme Court’s decision against the state’s eviction moratorium.

“No New Yorker who has been financially hit or displaced by the pandemic should be forced out of their home,” Hochul tweeted.

“As NY’s next Governor, I look forward to working with the Legislature to quickly address the Supreme Court’s decision & strengthen the eviction moratorium legislation.”

“I will work with our partners in the Legislature to help get the funding available to those in need as soon as possible,” she said in a follow-up tweet.

Hochul announced earlier in the day her intentions to run for Governor in the next election, trying again to distance herself from disgraced governor Andrew Cuomo, whose resignation over sexual misconduct accusations will be effective Aug. 24.

Protesters at City Hall in lower Manhattan calling for an extension of the eviction moratorium until 2022.
AFP via Getty Images

“Yes, I will,” the lieutenant governor said on NBC’s “Today,” her first public indication that she’ll run in 2022, when the four-year term Hochul will serve out ends. “I fully expect to.”

“I’m prepared for this,” continued Hochul. “I am the most prepared person to assume this responsibility and I’m going to ask the voters at some point for their faith in me again, but right now, I need that faith, I need their prayers, and I need their support to make sure we get this right.”

Hochul has insisted that she did not witness or know of Cuomo’s alleged sexual harassment, documented in James’ sexual harassment probe, saying the environment in which the alleged sexual misconduct took place was “insular.”

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