Jets’ Corey Davis building connection with Zach Wilson


GREEN BAY, Wis. — Wide receiver Corey Davis has shown during training camp why the Jets pursued him in free agency this past offseason.

Davis has consistently gotten open and caught passes from rookie quarterback Zach Wilson. He had two catches, including one for a touchdown, in Thursday’s joint practice with the Packers. He was wide open on another play, but Wilson missed him. Davis said the chemistry with the young quarterback is a work in progress.

“I feel like it’s definitely getting there,” Davis said. “We’ve made a lot of huge strides in the last week and a half, two weeks. Zach is a lot more comfortable in the pocket, delivering the ball really accurately. My part, I’m getting open, creating a lot more space for him to make it easy. We’re definitely getting there.”

Corey Davis, catching a pass during the Jets’ preseason win over the Giants, has started to build a strong connection with Zach Wilson.

The Jets signed Davis to a three-year, $37.5 million contract in March to bolster their offense. Davis has been matched up with Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander during the joint practices. Alexander, a Pro Bowler last year, had an interception Thursday and has been a challenge for Davis.

“It’s great. I like going up against one of the best in the league. He’s definitely one of the best,” Davis said. “I’m not running from that work. I love it. I accept that challenge.”

Jets head coach Robert Saleh sounded like a fan when talking about watching Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“Watching that man in a practice, you always see him in a game and you talk to him after practice, but watching him in a practice setting, I though it was, for me, one of the cooler experiences,” Saleh said. “You hear about Hall of Famers and you hear about how their practice habits are and I just thought the way he communicated with his teammates, the way he talked to his coaches, the respect and the regard that his teammates have for not only him but it’s reciprocated from him to his teammates, just a class act. And everything people think of him is exactly right, he’s A-one.”

This has been a cool experience for Saleh, who has been close friends with Packers coach Matt LaFleur since the two were low-level assistants together in 2004 at Central Michigan. They lived together near LaFleur’s parents and used to go swimming at their house and eat their food.

“I mess with him all the time,” Saleh said. “I know I’m older and I’ve technically been in the league for longer, but he’s the one that’s 26-6, not me. So, there’s always a lot to learn from him. He’s extremely detailed, but like I said, I think it’s pretty surreal, especially when his mom and dad came out on the field, and his kids, I just remember raiding their refrigerator and all that stuff, it feels like yesterday. So, it’s cool.”

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