Letters to the Editor — Aug. 11, 2021


The Issue: Gov. Cuomo’s decision to resign, admitting he could no longer govern effectively.

There is only one reason Gov. Cuomo resigned (“Andrew Cuomo resigns as governor of New York,” Aug. 10).

He does not want the Assembly to start an impeachment process.

He also wants to keep his $5 million from his book deal — and maybe all the allegations coming from these women will just go away.

It’s pretty sad that the Democrats did not have the backbone to go after Cuomo on the nursing-home killings to get him out of office but had to use those poor women victims to do their so-called dirty work.

If he does not get impeached, he can also re-run for office one day.

It is time for all of the nursing-home victims’ families to get together and pressure all of their local representatives and the attorney general’s office to start an investigation. Do not let this criminal off of the hook.

Matthew Galcik


Cuomo resigned, but that’s not good enough. He must be impeached by the Legislature, not just for the sexual harassment but the altered senior-death numbers, his book deal and his family getting preferential treatment in testing.

New Yorkers deserve answers and Cuomo must be held accountable. Dem­ocrats set the precedent when they impeached President Donald Trump as he was leaving office.

Robert Neglia

The Bronx

On the Cuomo resignation, here is what I heard him say: I am resigning to do the right thing for New York. I am guilty of none of these allegations. I’m simply a warm and cuddly guy who was misunderstood.

He was dishonest in all regards. His denials are emblematic of the hubris, guile and arrogance that are part of his persona.

The state Assembly needs to finish its duty in investigating his wrongful nursing-home decision that sent thousands to their deaths, his use of state resources to publish a book and his preferential treatment of family members ahead of others when it came to COVID.

And adding insult to injury, we the people will pay his legal fees.

Phil Serpico, Queens

If it weren’t for the shocking sexual allegations, would Cuomo be sailing toward re-election to a fourth term?

Would the senior deaths caused by his nursing-home orders ever be taken seriously enough to impeach him?

Schellie Hagan


As Cuomo — once a champion of #MeToo — resigns over sexual assault allegations, it shows how the radical-progressive politicians of today are the family-values politicians of yesteryear — and both collapsed into hypocritical, sleazy farces.

The woke movement is adopting near-religious trappings. Just as conservative politicians who tried to co-opt puritanical Christianity came to grief, liberal politicians who have ridden the wave of puritanical wokery find themselves heading for disaster.

Politicians in the Democratic Party and elsewhere have imagined that they could preen with left-wing sanctimony and exploit virtue as an attack-dog against rivals — but the uncontrollable, foaming, rabid creature they reared is now turning back to bite them.

Robert Frazer

Lancashire, UK

People swooned over Cuomo’s daily COVID updates even as New York had one of the highest death tolls in the country.

He wrote a book about his greatness and would crush anyone that got in his way. The talking heads all fawned and proclaimed he should be president. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Frank Asprea


I would hate to think I share any beliefs with the cancel culture of today’s twisted society, but I do believe that the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge’s name should be changed back to the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Although Andrew Cuo­mo’s father never did anything wrong that we know of, the name Cuomo to me is synonymous with a women-abusing politician, and the name of the bridge should be changed immediately out of respect for all women.

Jean Forte

Staten Island

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