Letters to the Editor — Aug. 14, 2021


The Issue: The Taliban’s resurgence in Afghanistan after President Biden began to pull out American troops.

As much as I do not agree with anything President Biden does, I do not blame him for what is happening in Afghanistan (“Biden’s Saigon,” Aug. 13).

Former President Donald Trump wanted to do the same thing, and if you remember, the Democrats restricted his decision to remove our troops.

How many years are we supposed to be there? How many years of training does Afghanistan’s military need to learn how to defend itself? It was time to go. In fact, it was time years ago.

Rick Millman

Key West, Fla.

We begin to pull out after 20 years in Afghanistan and as soon as we do, the Taliban takes over.

The Taliban was in control 20 years ago, before we came in. So what did we do there? What was the point of it all if we changed nothing? How much life was lost for seemingly no change?

Does this set the stage for a return in 20 years, leaving Afghanistan in shambles, no better than it was when we entered?

We either need to step in and do what’s right, or butt out. We do no one any favors by half-doing things.

Steve Preziosa

Deptford, NJ

Let’s not put all the blame on Sleepy Joe, the commander-in-chief, as he heads to Camp David for the weekend to avoid the press.

The names of all those from US intelligence and the American military members who thought that the war in Afghanistan was going to end up any differently should be published. The fact that many of them still have jobs is criminal.

I watched video of the mooks from Afghan Security Forces marching around over 15 years ago and could’ve told you their heart wasn’t in it.

They couldn’t defend themselves, and they didn’t want to. The Afghan women, who finally got a taste of freedom because of America, should have been armed. They would have fared better.

Jake McNicholas


I feel that this administration lacks common sense.

Now we watch as the people who have helped us are slaughtered or raped. Find the Taliban and wipe them out with extreme prejudice.

Rob Spieler, Montrose

Vietnam, Iraq and now Afghanistan — does anyone else see a familiar pattern here?

We fight a war with insurgents, and the enemy waits patiently for us to grow weary of expending blood and money. They know if they hold out, we will quit and go home.

We need to stop nation-building in tribal countries that live a millennium in the past. When we pulled out of Iraq too early, the ISIS “JV team” morphed into first-string all pros.

Taliban terrorists can’t be negotiated with or bribed. By this Sept. 11, we will likely see the last chopper lifting off from the roof of our former Kabul embassy.

The horror we will see afterward will be on us for persuading these people to be our friends and promising to help defend them.

Bob Porch

Marlton, NJ

If Trump were still in office during the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, he would have returned with guns blazing for such aggression.

Instead, the Taliban, being well-aware that Biden would be a weak president, waited like a pack of jackals for Trump to leave office.

Biden has once again shown a lack of courage and intelligence and will attempt to buy his way out of this bloodbath, rather than standing up to the Taliban.

He has already washed his hands of any responsibility and, in effect, abandoned not only the women and children of Afghanistan, but the many young Americans who sacrificed their lives defending freedom.

Nicholas Maffei


I think Biden needs to keep in mind what the philosopher George Santayana once said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

I hope that the evacuation in Afghanistan is not foreshadowing another lousy deal with Iran.

Martin Garfinkle

Staten Island

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