Letters to the Editor — Aug. 20, 2021


The Issue: Speaker Carl Heastie’s suspension of impeachment proceedings against Gov. Cuomo.

I am outraged at Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie for dropping the impeachment proceedings against Gov. Cuomo but sadly not surprised (“Halt to ‘impeach,’ ” Aug. 14).

I knew the only reason Cuomo went through with his non-apology resignation was that some sort of deal must’ve been made.

When are New York voters going to wise up and stop re-electing these clowns in Albany? Their contempt for the citizens of New York knows no bounds.

Have we forgotten that Anthony Weiner tried for a comeback before it was found he’d given in to his disgusting urges and was forced to halt his campaign to become the mayor? Wake up, New York.

Janet Mark


It would be a waste of time to impeach Cuomo now that he will soon be out of office.

If he were to try to run for office again and succeed, which is doubtful, then the voters will get what they want.

Lenny Rodin

Forest Hills

So the New York Assembly decided not to finish off Cuomo. That was a very bad decision.

This guy is like a vampire, and the Assembly did not put the stake directly through the heart. (Not that he has one.)

He will very shortly resurrect himself from the ashes and run again.

Matthew Galcik


Heastie should do his job. He needs to take himself out of the political pocket of the soon-to-be-ex-governor.

His choice to suspend the impeachment hearings is disrespectful toward these brave women who came forward to report Cuomo’s horrendous actions. Maybe it’s time for Heastie to go as well.

Gene O’Brien


Assembly impeachment proceedings and a Senate trial would cost New York taxpayers millions of dollars, as Cuomo noted in his resignation address. That money can be used instead to fight COVID, improve the schools, bolster health care and for other vital purposes.

Impeaching a governor no longer in power is as senseless as impeaching Donald Trump after he left the White House. But legislators should pass a measure denying Cuomo his $50,000-a-year pension payments.

Richard Reif


Heastie is protecting Cuomo from impeachment because he resigned. Since when do Democrats care about being out of office? Trump leaving office didn’t stop Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her cabal from impeaching Trump.

There have been comparisons between Cuomo and President Richard Nixon, but they always miss the point that Nixon had more class than Cuomo.

Nixon’s resignation speech was succinct. After explaining things and expressing a wish to be able to continue the work he started, he said this: “Therefore, I shall resign the presidency at noon tomorrow.”

Cuomo, likely with an eye on rehabilitation and giving Heastie cover, gave himself two weeks to complete resignation.

The people of New York deserve better, but they won’t get it. Cuomo will be back in the governor’s mansion in five years.

Stephen Valentini

Bonita Springs, Fla.

I am not surprised that the Democrats did not take the next step and impeach Cuomo for his offenses.

In fact, I would have been in total shocked if they did so. It just shows you how phony politics are.

Now Cuomo is able to leave office without getting impeached for his offenses.

Rick Millman

Key West, Fla.

The state Assembly will not proceed with the impeachment of Cuomo, which is disgraceful.

He gets to walk away — in shame — but he should be held accountable for his negative actions. He should have to be in a courtroom to face a judge and jury.

Because he has tarnished such a high political position, he should never be allowed to hold any office — not even as a dogcatcher.

Joseph Comperchio


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