Man straps watermelon to belly to try being ‘pregnant’ — fails miserably


Some men just aren’t cut out for motherhood.

An Australian influencer’s attempt to simulate being pregnant for a day backfired after he found himself struggling to complete even the most basic tasks. A series of videos documenting his prenatal cosplay has racked up millions of views on TikTok.

In the series, entitled “Man Tries To Be Pregnant For A Day,” Aussie internet personality Maitland Hanley filmed himself trying to execute everyday tasks while bearing the equivalent mass of an average pregnant stomach.

To recreate the appropriate size, he used several layers of cling-wrap to outfit his belly with a watermelon, which weighs around 20 pounds — the average amount of weight women gain while “with child,” the Independent reported. The prenatal pretender even strapped smaller melons to his chest to simulate the breast augmentation that occurs during pregnancy.

However, Hanley’s maternal journey got off to a rocky start: The premiere clip, which currently boasts nearly 16 million views, shows the would-be “Junior” re-enactor struggling to get out of bed while his friends guffaw in the background.

In the second video, Mr. Mom is on the floor and tries to roll — belly-down — to his feet like an upended dung beetle, prompting a lady friend to chastise him for smooshing his “unborn offspring” against the ground.

“You can’t lay on your baby like that!” she scolds while laughing.

Perhaps he needs to put his back into it.

Other clips show the load-bearing bozo putting on shoes, getting out of a bath, performing push-ups and even going to McDonald’s — known as “maccas” in Aussie vernacular — to sate his faux-pregnancy cravings. The only benefit, the melon-encumbered man explains in one clip, is being able to use his baby bump as a shelf for food and beverages.

Pushups while pregnant?
Pushups while pregnant?

Hanley’s foray into motherhood resonated with his TikTok fans, many of whom said they faced similar difficulties while sporting a bun in the oven.

“38 weeks and I have to roll out of bed every time,” lamented one pregnant mama on the video of Hanley attempting to get up in the morning.

Another mom-menter wrote, “Oh I’m glad this time someone added cantaloupes to this trend, that makes it more realistic. That’s like another 15 pounds minimum!”

However, other mothers found Hanley’s pregnancy skills a bit lacking.

“You just gotta commit! Hard roll and grab the edge for support!” lectured one frustrated mother of two regarding the bed clip.

“That’s not how you get up,” another wrote under Hanley’s floor-rolling video.

The struggle is real: Maitland Hanley has issues navigating a bathtub.
The struggle is real: Maitland Hanley has issues navigating a bathtub.

In an attempt to double his “bun,” the pretend parent has since tried to simulate being pregnant with twins — with twice the disastrous results.

This isn’t the first time a guy’s attempt to play mama has died on the vine. In 2017, a Tennessee student tried to withstand a labor simulation machine, only to tap out to the pain within seconds.

Haley's fallen pregnant and he can't get up.
Hanley has trouble maneuvering off the floor.
Hanley goes to McDonald's to sate his "pregnancy cravings."
Hanley goes to McDonald’s to sate his “pregnancy cravings.”

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