NYPD is requiring COVID vax for employees at these events


Newly minted NYPD cops and officers climbing the ranks don’t have to get the COVID-19 vaccine to work — but they do need it to attend their own department ceremony, The Post has learned.

The department told its rank-and-file of the restriction Friday in an e-mail blast obtained by The Post. It’s the latest move by police brass to try to prevent the spread of the Delta variant and get workers’ immunization rate up.

The vaccination mandate will also apply to anyone over the age of 12 who wants to attend the NYPD’s promotion ceremonies Aug. 24 at 1 Police Plaza Auditorium and Aug. 25 at the 121 Precinct Station, as well as the graduation ceremony for new recruits at the Police Academy on Aug. 26.

Masks will also be mandatory for any guest over 2 years old.

“Members of the Service will still graduate or be promoted if they are unable to attend the ceremony,” the memo says.

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