Open NYC’s schools on time and chaos-free — or expect parents to be furious


Not again! State Sen. John Liu is warning of school reopening chaos this year unless outstanding issues are resolved fast. The city better get its act together; parents don’t want a repeat of the 2020 fiasco.

Among the problems: confusion over social distancing rules and stalled vaccination rates among school personnel.

Last week, the union representing principals warned the city that its 3-foot social-distancing rule won’t work.

The Department of Education actually admits the 3-foot rule won’t allow some schools to welcome all kids back, yet it’s nonetheless sticking with the rule anyway. They should just scrap it — particularly since all kids have to be masked. 

We wholeheartedly agree that school should be fully in person. The city better not let the unions, or DOE ineptitude, derail that plan.

Liu is understandably skeptical of Mayor Bill de Blasio: “People are not confident in the certainty he is trying to project,” Liu told The Post. Yet again, to quote ex-chancellor Richard Carranza: “The DOE is flying the plane while building it.”

The city has only a few more weeks before schools are to open. If de Blasio and his educrats can’t ensure a relatively smooth reopening, expect enrollment to plummet even faster — as parents take their business elsewhere.

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