Pelosi’s scolding Taliban for their brutality even as her leader green-lights atrocities


If you’re wondering how the situation in Afghanistan could’ve spun so horrifically out of control, and so quickly, consider how Democrats now running the country think.

On Saturday, just as the Taliban were set to take over the country, Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually commended President Joe Biden for “the actions he has taken” there. At the same time, she expressed concern about “reports regarding the Taliban’s brutal treatment of all Afghans, especially women and girls.”

Hello? It’s Biden’s “actions” that are enabling the Taliban to carry out such brutality in the first place.

Pelosi warned the extremists “the world is watching.” Does she actually believe thugs who persecute women — deny them education, enslave them in marriages against their will, take away their freedoms and banish them from much of public life — give one fig about what the world thinks?

The speaker called on “the US, the international community and the Afghan government” to do everything possible “to protect women and girls” from the Taliban’s “inhumane treatment.”

That’s precisely what these groups were doing prior to Biden’s rushed pullout. Now there is no more Afghan government — except for the Taliban.

Pelosi further demanded “any political settlement that the Afghans pursue to avert bloodshed must include having women at the table.” What planet is she on? Why does she think the Taliban care what Pelosi has to say?

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki voiced similar delusions last week: “The Taliban also has to make an assessment about what they want their role to be in the international community.” She was thoroughly (and deservedly) mocked: These fundamentalist goons decided long ago they’re perfectly content to be global villains; if 20 years of fighting an international coalition didn’t move the needle, clearly no amount of finger-wagging ever could.

Yes, President Donald Trump also tried to negotiate with the Taliban and set a deadline for withdrawing troops by May 2021. Yet Trump knew they couldn’t be trusted; he set conditions and issued warnings. No one knows how he would’ve handled Afghanistan had he won reelection, but Dems are putting out tough-sounding statements even as they’re withdrawing troops unconditionally. How effective is that?

Biden’s withdrawal gives a green light to Taliban atrocities. It’s beyond hypocritical for Democrats to scold them for it at the same time.

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