Princess Diana sings in new deleted scene from ‘The Crown’


A newly surfaced deleted scene from Season 4 of Netflix’s royal hit “The Crown” showcases more of Princess Diana’s rocky relationship with Prince Charles.

In the clip, Emma Corrin, 25, who nabbed an Emmy nomination and a Golden Globe for the role, performs the song “All I Ask of You” from “The Phantom of the Opera.” The scene is based on a reported rumor that Diana taped herself performing the song at the West End as a seventh-anniversary present for Prince Charles in 1988. The couple would divorce four years later. 

In the narrative of “The Crown,” Diana, a fan of the musical, is hoping this personal gift might mend their marriage that’s on the rocks and bring the couple closer. It’s a well-meaning but ill-conceived idea that fails to work, as Charles, played by Josh O’Connor, is not a fan.

Emma Corrin as Princess Diana and Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles in “The Crown.”
Ollie UptonNetflix
Emma Corrin as Princess Diana, left, and Josh O'Connor as Prince Charles, right, lean against a car in "The Crown."
Emma Corrin as Princess Diana and Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles in “The Crown.”
Des Willie/Netflix

The deleted scene shows Diana looking reflective alone in her room as she quietly watches a tape of her own performance, where she looks happy belting out the song onstage.

Emma Corrin as Princess Diana sings a song onstage in "The Crown."
Emma Corrin as Princess Diana onstage singing in “The Crown.”

Corrin, who goes by they pronouns, told Entertainment Tonight that filming the scene was difficult.

“I had a complete panic attack, which was actually not very fun on the day,” they said. “I trained as a singer, but it was weird because I had to sing like Diana and also worse than I can, which was very strange, because she wasn’t trained.” 

“The Crown” will continue with Elizabeth Debicki taking over the role of Diana in Seasons 5 and 6, which don’t yet have premiere dates.

Emma Corrin as Princess Diana in "The Crown" looks out of a window.
Emma Corrin as Princess Diana in “The Crown.”
Des Willie/Netflix

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