Spanish town tells tourists not come if they can’t handle the (rural) noise


An idyllic tiny Spanish town has had it with complaining tourists and has publicly stated: If you can’t handle the (rural) noise, don’t bother coming.

Ribadesella, a coastal town in Asturias, Spain, took to Twitter earlier this month to make their case clear.  

Ribadesella listed roosters crowing, church bells and livestock noises as features of the town.
Alamy Stock Photo

“Here we have church bells that ring out regularly, roosters that crow early in the morning and herds of livestock that live nearby and at times carry cowbells that also make noise,” according to the tweet, which included an infographic.

The tweet notes: “If you can’t handle all this, you may not be in the right place.”

Ribadesella Spain noise
Ribadesella, Spain, doesn’t want tourists who can’t handle the sounds of nature.

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