‘The Wheel of Time’ First Look: 5 Easter Eggs and Clues You Might Have Missed


One head-scratcher for Wheel of Time fans has been why was Clare Perkins cast as Kerene Nagashi? The Green Ajah character only appears in the prequel book, New Spring, which explains the origin of Lan and Moiraine, as well as Rand’s father’s military past. The assumption was that her inclusion portended a flashback. Now, though, we see her and Priyanka Bose’s Allanna escorting an imprisoned Logain (Álvaro Morte) on a journey.

Logain, fans will know, is one of the rare men in this world who can channel the One Power. Meaning, he is a candidate for being the Dragon Reborn, but moreover, a firebrand teetering on the edge of insanity. Logain is “gentled” by the Aes Sedai in an attempt to neutralize him as a threat. While he’s briefly mentioned in The Eye of the World, he goes on a fascinating journey in later books.

So it makes sense to introduce Allanna as one of the Aes Sedai accompanying Logain, but what would Kerene have to do with him? (Especially since she’s supposed to be, uh, maybe, uh, dead at this point in the canon?)

Well, first it’s worth understanding that Kerene was asked to be one of the Searchers in charge of looking for the Dragon Reborn. That explains why she would be part of the coterie tasked with examining and gentling Logain, as he is considered a “False Dragon.”

However this photo also teases how the show will visually differentiate between the various sects of the Aes Sedai, aka Ajahs. Alanna and Kerene are Green Ajah, which means they are the “Battle Ajah,” constantly preparing for the great final battle between the Dragon and the Darkness. They’re also known for being friendlier with men. Behind them though, we can make out two sisters from a very different Ajah…the Red Ajah.

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