Tim Tebow’s preseason lowlights keep getting worse


The more Tim Tebow tight end film gets studied, the worse the reviews get.

Tebow lined up at tight end for several snaps during the Jaguars’ preseason opener against the Browns on Sunday, and the results were not pretty. The former quarterback-turned-baseball player got one target in the game on 16 total snaps. He was unable to corral that target, finishing the night with zero catches and zero yards.

Perhaps his most brutal moments of the game came when he attempted to block. Lined up on the left side of the line, he attempted to come across and block Browns defensive end Trevon Young. Instead, he bounced off of Young and fell to the ground.

Young almost looks surprised by the “block,” as if a fly landed on his arm. Somehow, Jaguars RB Dare Ogunbowale makes it to the outside and gains some solid yardage.

It got worse. On the very next play, Tebow lines up to block Young again, and he gets tossed aside like a rag doll. Young then makes the tackle and stops the play before it could even begin.

Tebow also got no snaps on special teams, which is unusual for a tight end as low as he is on the depth chart. In fact, he was the only tight end who played for the Jaguars Saturday to not get a special teams snap, according to Pro Football Talk.

The Jaguars have until Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET to cut down their roster from 90 to 85.

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